Can Sub 2 deals be found in this current market climate?

I know back around 2008 or so that It was possible to find these deals easily. In the current market though where lots of homes were bought up by institutional investors and the economy has rebounded in general, is it hard to find those types of deals?

What kinds of Sub2 deals are you talking about?

This is not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

For example, the most common use of sub2 financing is by rehabbers, who need a faster and cheaper way to finance (control) a property until its rehabbed and flipped to a retail end/user buyer.

Otherwise, sub2’s way less common on houses with equity, and by definition impossible on free and clear houses.

Describe the kinds of deals you’re attempting to close on using Sub2 financing.

Yes, l agree. Deals are still out there just harder to find. The prices have gotten so high that it just gets tougher and tougher to find qualified buyers, and with all the new construction many qualified buyers buy new. I cant say l blame them. I have found a nich though to offset the shortage of deals.

I’m not looking for homes with equity. I’m looking for something i can hold on to from a motivated seller and then refinance later and keep in my portfolio to use as a rental.

Sure Sub2’s are out there but the competition is much stronger than ever for these types of properties. We just finished rehabbing and selling our most recent Sub2 last week in the Austin, TX area. We don’t go looking for them but it’s a viable option to make a deal work for both parties.

Sub-to’s are available. We just recently picked up 3 of them in our area. However, the competition is tougher which has made our overall costs a little higher than we would like. Margins have been affected but since financing is already in place on these deals, it’s worth it. It’s a viable option when buying properties.

I’ve used a website that has a lead capture form. As we have accumulated more deals over time, the list has continued to grow without much marketing effort.

Use available resources like Craigslist and local networking groups on Facebook to share a link to your site. Then, watch the list grow.

Sub-to’are available in the current market but the competition is fierce in acquiring these types of deals. However, they are a valid solution option for the right seller.