Can someone recommend a great mobile home investing program??


  1. I’m looking to start investing into mobile homes. Does anyone know of a good place to go to purchase cheap mobile homes and foreclosed mobile homes?

  2. Can someone recommend a great mobile home investing training program?


Hi there, you can try searching on the internet. The internet will give you so much more of what you’re looking for. Wish you good luck.

Search the forums here and the internet for “Lonnie Scruggs.” He has a couple books about MH investing. He likes to buy cheap ones and resell them on notes to buyers because it’s usually hard for potential buyers to get lending on these. You can try local newspapers and even mobile home dealers for older MH. A lot of times the dealers will take trade-ins.

Hi mate, first you need to be inspired, so read this article:

I have this:

Hidden Profits in Mobile Home Investing: How a Real Estate Investor Stumbled on to the Lucrative World of Mobile Home Investing! (Audio CD)

It’s more than enough to get you started.

And no, that is not an affi link!