Can someone please send me a rental application??

I have a potential renter that is coming to town again this afternoon and I need to email her an application and all the forms I have are physical hard copies and I don’t have anything that I can email her to complete and send back. Does anyone have something handy they can send me quickly? Thanks for the help.

Check your e-mail…


Thank you sir!

Thanks but I found that already. Call me cheap but I have a hard time spending $10 for an application that I will most likely use once.

Have you tried typing Free Rental Application in your web browser? many times there are examples which you can print.

I did. I spent about 15min searching Google before ever posting here and all I could come up with were .pdf files and you can only edit and print those but you can’t save them once you add your information which is what I would need so she can complete it, save it and then email the file back to me. I wouldn’t waste bandwidth here unless I first did some searching of my own.

I am not trying to state the obvious and at the risk of sounding remedial, did you try highlighting the form, copying it and pasting it into a word document?

I have used this process on numerous occasions for forms.

As you stated Adobe files do not allow you to change and save.

Try this link;

or this link

Let me know if this helps.

Not being much of an expert at pdf I wasn’t aware you could do that and will certainly try it. Will it keep the same format upon the Word conversion or will I be left with lots of work? Also, that link you sent was for a lease/agreement and what I’m looking for here is a rental application.

Keith: I never got an email.

Is your e-mail address in your profile correct?

I’ve resent…


The second link is a word document so you can make changes and save it.

As far as the difference between the Lease agreement and rental agreement just change the necessary verbage.

Good Luck!

Got it that time! Thanks man, it’s perfect and I’ve already forwarded it to her. Wish me luck!

No, I don’t think you understand… I’m looking for a rental application not a lease or a rental agreement. I’m still on step four on this one and step six is a little ways away yet. ;D

Sorry. Thought you needed agreement. Here is a link for application

I found that one originally with my search before starting this thread. It’s not free which is what I was looking for. Keith already emailed me what I was looking for a few posts back but thanks for your help.

For future reference, you should probably pick up the book The Complete Landlording Handbook. There’s a CD in there that has all the forms and then you don’t have to pay the $10 for the Socrates site. The CD has a code on it that allows you to register for free and gives you free access to the socrates website.

Also Borders has a 30% off coupon on their website:

Not a bad book overall, I’d give it 3 stars. It’s a big too general in some areas, but makes a few good points in others.

Thanks for the tip. This is gonna sound idiotic I’m sure but is the same thing available on CD? I’ve found through the years that there’s just no way I can sit down and read a book… no matter how interested in the topic I am. Credit that to my ADHD. That was what kept from from furthering my education after high school as studying and doing homework is near impossible for me. I always aced my tests and quizzes because I’m pretty smart and absorbed well in class but couldn’t focus to do the homework. I’ve found that the internet is an AMAZING tool for someone like me because I can have dozens of browsers open and bounce around from topic to topic. That and if I can get a book on CD I can rip it and throw it on my iPod or cell phone to listen to at the gym or while doing something else. So, if this is on CD or some audio format I’m all over it!