Can someone please decipher this for me....

I am in the process of putting together my buyers list, and I successfully added a few. I came across one buyer, and I asked him what kind of properties is he looking for and this was his response.

"Im looking for properties that are deeply discounted. Also properties that the homeowner that are also discounted and the homeowner will just do a Quit claim deed on so we can avoid the point of sale. We also take over payments in any of the above areas as well. "

Is it still possible for me to do a Wholesale deal to this buyer? Or is thier still anyway for me to to make money by sending him deals?

When the buyer is talking about quit claiming the deed, he’s talking about Sub2 deals or taking the property, subject to the existing financing. He’s also looking for deeply discounted properties.

Add him to your list.

He’s looking for “Subject to” deals. You can wholesale subject-to deals just like any other deal. It would be rather easy, actually.

What does he mean by avoiding the Point of Sale though?

TaxLienGuru could you elaborate on the ease of this transaction?

Purchasing in a great neighbourhood is another important tip to remember. Do your research on the neighbourhood of the property you are considering. Ensure that rentals will be accepted in the area. Also make sure that the area is safe. Most people won’t want to rent a property in a crime laden neighbourhood.

So am I right by assuming that he is looking for the property to be owner occupied, so that he can either assume payments, or have the owner quit claim the deed to him. If this property is bank owned will that not work?