Can someone help me: How to be a "bird dog", and get investors?


I have found, and I can find deals, but I haven’t all the world’s funds to take fully advantage of them.

I’m very new to the real estate.

Can someone help me, How I can be a “bird dog” and get investors to me?

So that I can get finder’s fee?

OK, that’s too easy. Where’s all the discussion going to go to now? :biggrin

Alright, I’ll bite. [b][/b]

  1. your local rei club. It should be noted however that this is the obvious choice and every good birddog is going to be there.

  2. call ibuyhouse bandit signs. But the probability is they are birddogs too. And geez, its too easy to just call one up, right?

  3. website! Bam! Develop a good cms system and pay for some keywords and great investors who are just as lazy are going to be banging down your virtual door.

Gosh, javipa, can’t a guy post a non sensical post just to get his post count up?


Gosh I always thought a good bird dog could sniff out an investor buyer!!! LOL


Gosh I always thought a good bird dog could sniff out an investor buyer!!! LOL

Now here’s some interesting discussion points.

It’s a lot easier for someone to drive for $$, evaluate a property, and do research than it is for them to meet with people and actually talk to them. While it is most definitely a skill to find these deals, we know that the very best deals are made/discovered by actually listening to people. And the best way (IMHO) to learn to do that is by learning that skillset while hooking other investors up with deals.

So I’d posit that if you can’t talk to other investors, how are you going to talk to people whom you are trying to purchase their properties from?

Get on the MLS… Go to all the Sold properties. Click on the tab that shows how they financed the property. Then go to CASH! Yeah right there! Those are great Investors

Thank you everyone for your support.