Can someone help me get comps?

I have a seller selling his house for 25,900 I do not have the resource to get the comps
for this house ,if anyone have some advice I would appreciate it.

                THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME  

                      QEOHOMES. :help

Call a real estate agent to pull the comps for you and return the favorite and used them when you closed.

Better yet, ask the realtor for their login to MLS. That’s the best way to pull comps, IMO. But, if you can’t use that, there are other ways. You can use Freedomsoft, Realquest (free or paid), zillow, eppraisal,, etc, etc. You can look up the FMV (or FCV) on the county tax assessor’s site. You can pull comps on zillow, too. Look, I know none of these free sites are that accurate. But, if you compare enough of them, you’ll usually get an idea of what the house is worth.

Beware of the free sites they are way off on comps.

Then compare the free estimates they give. If you compare 5 free site values, and 4 are in the same ballpark, with one being way off, that gives you a pretty good idea. The only site I completely trust with comps is MLS. After that, realquest and freedomsoft are pretty good. Also, check the TAV. If the previous sale was with about 5 years, that should give you an idea. Take all the info into consideration, and make a best guess.

With ARV’s… that’s all we’re really doing anyway.

ARV in this market is only a guess and should be taking with a grain of salt.

LOL. Pretty much a guess in every market.

Another strategy is if you’re looking at flipping a rental property (low income area, lots of renters), then you don’t even need to worry about the ARV, really. You’re looking for a landlord buyer, who is going to be much more concerned with the long-term investment, not the instant equity. Give him a deal where he will get 25% annual ROI and he’ll buy it at full retail value, most likely.