Can someone give me some help on this? very confused

I have a real estate investor/ real estate agent i know through past business who buys, rehabs, and wholesales real estate and has been doing so quite successfully for over 20 years… When i find what i feel is a good deal threw my marketing i usually call him up and he tells me what he thinks and if its something we can potentially buy, he usually has me go out to the property then report back with him what i see. The point im trying to get to is if i do marketing, generate my own leads, inspect the house, then sign up the contract or bring him to sign up the house what is that worth? Also take into consideration that i may have to wait to collent profits until the rehab is done. I know thats a very difficult questions to answer based on different factors like how much profit potential there is to be made but i was just curious what peoples input were on that scenario. Is what im doing smart? Or should i just build my own buyers list and market my deals to investors for quick cash wholesaling. I was thinking 25% partnership. Sorry if i don’t make complete sense to everyone it was hard for me to explain how this whole partnership works.

Thanks , steve


Since it appears from your post you are not a realtor? I would definetly say that acting as a marketer / bird dog is worth something!

Let me ask you if you will have money invested? Are you participating as a partner on the loan? Are you managing parts of the rehab and sharing in supervising sub-contractors? Are you paying out money to cover carrying cost’s and overhead?

It would appear from your posting you put in 5 to 15 hours of work in the front end of the deal? What is that time worth?

I have a friend with an MBA who works for a large publicly traded company who makes about $40 an hour for his time at work!

What is your experience and your contribution to the deal?

Can you get to far ahead of your self and potentially burn bridges in pursuit of the almighty buck? What is your reputation worth in the long run in real estate investing?

Good luck,