Can Somebody walk me thru the contract?

Hello Everybody!
I am new here, but have been enjoying all the info, great stuff guys!! I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have several properties that I am ready to put under contract, but am a tad under qualified. I am planning on selling these contracts to investors who I have already spoken with. Noone knows that I don’t have any idea what I am doing and if I can keep it that way then I just might pull this off.
This is what I am doing, I find empty and abandoned houses, find their owners and ask if they are interested in selling. When they say yes, I ask what they will take for it in it’s present condition. After finding out the price I then find out what our local appraisal district has appraised it for. I know this is not necessarily the most acurate, but it’s a guideline I can use to see if they want too much for it. Anyways, I have several people waiting for me to present a contract, which is where you guys come in.
I have Ted Stokely’s number and if it’s alright I want to call you tomorrow Ted? Let me what time I can call you. You can e-mail me or reply to this message. I need to know how to fill out the (TREC). All I know is who the seller is, who the buyer is (me), what the sales price is and that I want to assign this contract to an investor. How do I make sure the contract is filled out right? Can somebody walk me through?
I appreciate your time guys and I can call right now if someone would allow it?

You may call me almost anytime. If you see me one line late or early it is OK then too. Where in Texas are you . I may want to buy some good deals too if you are within a few hours of Austin.

Thank you,

Ted P. Stokely Jr
11505 Sw Oaks
Austin, Texas 78737

512-301-9171 home
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Hey Ted!
Glad to hear from you. I will be calling you hear real soon. I am pretty far from you. I am in West TX., but real estate is hot right now in this area and investors are making lots of cash. I am fairly new so I am depending on wholesaling right now and as easy as this process is, I still must master the contract. I am not sure if you could walk me thru the process by phone, but hopefully you can. If you want deals in this part of the state just say the word.
I will call you sometime today and we can talk more, then after walking me thru this deal and I actually make some deals I will post my results right here in for everybody to benefit from.


Where in West Texas do you live?

I live in the Odessa/Midland area which are growing together as we speak.
My home is in Odessa, but I scout the whole area around me. Lots of deals just need investors who know how to take advantage of the situation. :slight_smile:

Hi Cruz,
Don’t pass up another great source of information available to you from almost any local title company. Most hold informational meetings on a fairly regular basis for new Realtors which they hope will bring them business in the near future. Ours don’t mind if we bring 1 guest with us who may not be licensed, but still has an interest. The bottom line is that you could well bring them business as well.
Just walk into a couple and ask them point blank if they have something like this that you may attend. It’s hard to find a more authoritive source of information which usually extends well beyond the contract itself, to include a tour of their records and tasks involved in title searches, tax laws etc. Not to mention the networking you can accomplish there to add title abstractors, Realtors and others to your own RE Team.
Good luck to you.