Can I use any mortgage broker?

I need a mortgage broker to pre-qualify my tenant/ buyers. I am also wondering how much I should pay them for the help. One last thing, where can I find a good broker? Thanks in advance. :biggrin


 Yes you can use any mortgage lender or mortgage broker to pre-qualify your tenants! You should not pay anything for a mortgage lender or broker to provide this service as the lender or broker pre-screens buyer's every day for prequalification to buy! Even if two out of every three have crappy credit and you would not sell or rent to them if your life depended on it, the mortgage lender / broker will potentially still do a loan for 1 of 3. (1 of 6, 1 of 12, 1 of 24, or 1 of 48) Your bringing them potential new clients they would not ordinarily have!!!

I have no idea what state your in but check around and ask questions of other investors, realtors and brokers.


I’m in New Mexico and I was not sure how to go about finding a broker. Thank you very much for your reply. I am very relieved to know that there should not be any fees.