Can I use a PO Box or not for mailings?

I would like to do some direct marketing to apartment owners but I am unsure if it is proper to use a Po Box since I work out of my home and I would not like to use my home address. Can someone please tell me if it will be okay to use a Po Box or not as my mailing address? Thank you.

Of course you can!

That’s exactly what I do, and what millions of others do (not just real estate investors, but other business owners and individuals). Just make your phone number and your website the primary way to contact you - and advertise them that way on your mailer.

Good luck,

Thanks I had a feeling it was okay but some people were telling me it was not professional. But thanks I appreciated.

I use a PO Box for my mailings; however, this is how I write it.

Say my PO Box address is:

PO Box 123
Anywhere, PA 12345

The street address of the post office location where I have my PO Box is 987 Main St. My return address on my mailings is:

987 Main St


Anywhere, PA 12345

When people see it they may think it is from a person that lives in an apartment and be more likely to open the letter.

If you do not want to use your home address then why not use your business address? That’s even way better to so that they would know your business and where to find your business whey they need to.