Can I "run" my properties through my LLC?

Our Articles of Corporation wasnt sent in time when we purchased our two properties. Therefore, they are under my name along with the mortgage (hard money lender). I’ve been paying for stuff with my personal credit card and yes I have been saving my receipt. We finally got our documentation stating our LLC is legitimate and we’ve since acquired a business credit card from american express. Would it be possible to use my LLC for these two properties? I hate having to use my personal credit and I wanted things passed to the company.

We’ve also purchased another property in which we paid cash. The title is under my company’s name, but I was just wondering about the first two. Come tax time how will I treat them? My understadning with an LLC, is that everything passes through to the owner(s). However, since these two properties are in my name I’m not sure how to handle it. My business partner says to use our AMEX card, but I dont know if that’s a conflict of interest?

Howdy Llcam:

I would back date a new deed transfering the property to the LLC using the original date the LLC was formed. Get it notarized and recorded. This will show your intent to have the properties part of your company. I would just treat the expenses as if you paid them with your company cc and start using the company card from now on. Your intent was to have them part of the company so I think you should be OK

I am not a tax attorney etc so seek some special advice. Just trying to help in a laymans world