Can I put up a billboard on my property?

I’m sure this would vary by locality, etc, but in general, if I own property on a main road, can I erect a billboard? If anyone can shed some light on the basics of who can / cannot use billboards, and in what way, it would be appreciated.

The general answer is “yes, but …” with the “but …” part meaning you have to check with your local ordinance and zoning offices for specifics. The city I lived in fined an apartment complex about a year ago because the banner they used was 5-10ft too big, so it’d be best to check into those things beforehand.

Right. You can’t normally just throw signs anywhere you want in my area. There may be ordinances by the city, the HOA, etc.

As others have indicated, you are more apt to get away with this if the property is zoned either commercial or light industrial.

If you can get the zoning, get the trifold billboard design (the design that allows three advertisers on one billboard) and sell space to two advertisers to offset your advertising costs.

I’ve seen real estate investors take a more make shift approach…placing a billboard sized silkscreen imprinted canvas on their residential properties…they are tacty as all hell, but it gets read…


Scott Miller

Sorry to piggyback on your question but I figure its better then starting a new thread when my question is similer to yours. Can a person place his realtor ad, like call me to sell your house or looking to buy in this area? etc etc on the door of his property or his yard for advertising purposes?

Local ordinances will apply. Just like you can’t sometimes even park a wrapped van in your own driveway.