Can I post a pool here? :help

Hi. I would like to set up a pool here to see how our members feel on certain issues relating to real estate investing. Can I do that and if I can, how do I do that? :help

Pool or poll?

I’m thinking “poll”…

There used to be an option to create a poll but I’m not seeing the button anymore…I have asked the question to those that would know and, when an answer is retured, I’ll post it…


Yes, I meant poll? I must have been still sleeping when I posted that in the morning. Thanks for your replies.

I vote “yes” :beer

The poll functionality has been added back – when on the main page next to where you click to start a new thread, there is a button for “New Poll”…


I suggest a poll about posting a poll.

Thank you. I greatly appreciate you adding back the poll option.

You’re welcome but it wasn’t really me…I was just the messanger.