Can I move property lot line in FL while I wholesale it?

Can I move property lot line in FL? The seller owns 2 houses on two connected lots he’s keeping one and selling the other but needs to move the dividing lot line about 7 feet. Is this possible and how hard, time consuming, and what would it cost? The deal is contingent on me getting the property lot line moved.

Go down to your local zoning department and ask them what they require.

Can be long and tedious and exxpensive and possibly as simple as a lot line adjustment.

Onlly they can give you the answers.

Your local zoning and/or equalization department will have the exact requirements. Much will have to do with minimum lot size restrictions and setback allowances. They may be able to work it off an older survey (if available). They may require a new survey (which the seller should pay for). Though it may be time consuming , the work should be done on the seller’s end. If the profit margin is there, it may be worth the wait.