Can I get out of this deal???

Back in January I purchased a Condo and put a 5% deposit. The unit was to be completed in July but it is now moved to October. If I cancel the sale, they will charge me about $20K.
How can I get out this deal??

The woes of preconstruction. Better off finding out if your contract is assignable and assign the contract for your downpayment or take the contract to a lawyer for review on getting out.

Thanks for the advice … I have already dropped off a copy to my attorney. He
has already found two ways to get out of the deal.

If the deal would have been good with a July delivery, why won’t it be even better in October when the builder will have had more time to force even more appreciation into your property? Construction delays are a fact of life and your contract probably specifies that you understand that delays are a risk you accept.

What happened to sour the deal?

What advice did your attorney give you?