can I get a loan with a judgement

In my younger years…ok two years ago I got a $900 judgement levied against me. I will pay them off but I can’t see paying more than I owe, which they say is $2000. I am in negotiations with the company that I owe the money to reduce the payoff amount.
Now I might be buying an investment property and will need a loan. My 3 agency credit score averages 715. What are my options? My guess is that a conventional bank will not help me without the judgement being taken care of. How about a hard money lender?
negotiated price-160k

There are many lenders that will ignore judgements if they are not on your title. Are you looking for repair costs also? If that is the case, you are looking for hard money or you will probably need to pay that judgement off to get an actual rehab loan. Not to mention, you may need some sort of a down payment.

When negotiating with them, see if you can have the judgement removed as part of full payment. Also if you say your credit is now 715, it sounds like the judgement didn’t hurt you too badly as that score does reflect the judgement.

Also the banks typically use your middle score so if you have a 780 680 675, then your Fico is 680 not an average of the three. If you have enough credit, you may be able to just float the 45k on a credit card and go to a mortgage broker that can find you the right product, it doesn’t really sound like you’re in HML territory yet.

All I need is the purchace money. I’ve got 75k cash, so the repairs are covered. My fico scores are 735,735,675. The problem is is might need this money in 2-3 weeks. That’s one of the reasons I might need the services of a HML. I guestimate I will need the money for 6 months total.
Anyone know what kind of rates a HML might charge? If I had more time I might do better to just pay off the creditor $1500, they have agreed to accept this amount and note on the credit file that the debt has been satisfied, and seek a conventional loan. Anymore thoughts? - Thanks.

I think you just need to hook up with a good mortgage broker. If you go subprime, they can close a loan in a week, but you end up with higher rates. Should still be cheaper than going the HML route as it sounds like you don’t need it. A good broker should have an appraiser on hand that can do a quick appraisal and if you have all your paperwork in order, 2-3 weeks isn’t that big a deal.