Can I get a loan to buy properties at an auction?

Is it possible to get a loan to buy properties at a county auction or does it have to be an all cash deal?

That question depends how good your credit is and what kind of relationship you have with the bank.

If for a foreclosure sale the answer is NO, lenders will not loan on foreclosed property…and…be aware that you cannot get title insurance on foreclosed property bought at a sale, either.

All county auctions I am aware of are cash, cashier check, certified letter of credit, etc… They are all broke and now-a-days may/will sue for for not paying up when it is due.

At the auction in Pomona, California you need to register to bid and it will say what type of funds do you have. Don’t lie.

Yes, and they all require cashier check or certifed letter of credit in the amount you intend to bid.

Normally you take cashiers checks…initial for starting bid and then in 1 to 5 K additional bids. Auctioneer will take your name and the amount of the check you give him and tell you when you pass that amouont you can either be out of the bidding or put up more funds.

Go to L.A> Times archives and look up the articles on “The Forty Thieves”. They changed the lasw in 1973 as a result of their actions.

Yes you can. But you will need some tough time to know or determine how much will you need since it is an auction of properties. You can alternatively get a 100% mortgage for a certain house that you want.

Before you place your bid at the auction you will need a bank letter saying they will loan you the money.


Always be straight up at the auction. The best way to get great deals is work with a real estate agent. And yes pay the agent a upfront fee so the agent can gain your trust you are a real buyer not someone wasting someone time. We do it all the time and it work very well and we get the very best deals before they hit the MLS.

Well, yes you can if you have an end buyer in place for that property, there are transactional funding brokers who will upfront the money, even if you have to hold the property for 30+ days.

I do this with reverse short sales - short sales that go to auction, where I have an end buyer already. To a good transactional funding broker it is the same thing, if they understand the concept behind it.

transactional funding is a great way to go if you can afford their fees.

Yes you can but there are corresponding fees and additional fees for it. Depends on how much you land at an auction.

The auction in Pomona, California went very good last month there was only 12 people there and only real 4 bidders with cash which I love those kind of auctions. I had fun and bid up the price.

“I had fun and bid up the price.”

Was there a problem with someone else getting a good deal?

Not at all everyone need to get a good but when you are walking around with money in hand thing you are the king of the jungle let the fun begin.

That sounds like a mentally ill sense of humor. You might count yourself lucky you weren’t left with high bid on one or more of these properties.

No chance of that when he wanted to be Alpha dog.

Check with your county to see how they conduct the auction and what the rules are. In my county, it’s cashier’s check or cash only.

You could always form a partnership or self directed real estate IRA with other people’s money to purchase properties.

Did you, at any point, have an intent to purchase?