can I do something with this

I have a house and it is set for sheriff’s sale on Jan. 25. There is no one living in it. I have a motivated buyer… as I gave him a couple houses to look at and he drove past it and wants it. He just wants pictures of the inside asap, but I am unable to get into the home. Who do I contact to let me in that home? AND can I actually short sale this without the help of the homeowners? My plan would be to short sale it and then wholesale it to the rehabber. (I obtained the home off of the county website).

It’s either the homeowner or the bank u have to talk to…Try to find out from if you can find a new address or relatives, use try to find neighbors that may know something. Or get buyer to neogitate short or note sale from bank.

Congratulations on finding a deal. Tracking down this homeowner would be best so you can tie it up before anyone else. It would serve you well to hone this process (tracking down homeowners). However, if you can’t locate them, then you might be able to get it at the auction. Do you have a funding source in case you need to buy it?

As for getting inside… what type of shape is it in? If it’s badly beat up, usually you can find an old door off its hinges or something like that. But, as always, it’d be best to locate the homeowner. Talk to the neighbors, too. You’d be surprised what you can find out from them…

If you have serious problems finding the home owner, find out their name from the county records and hire a skip tracer to find them. I typically pay about $85 hiring someone to find an owner or tenant.