Can I collect fees for doing loss mitigation from the lenders?

I’ve been doing loss mitigation from home for a year and a half now, and I can’t afford to keep helping people for free.
Can I charge the lenders a fee for helping the homeowner?

Thanks in advance.

you can charge the lenders a fee for helping the lenders…IF they will pay you for it.

I’m looking for some help. I get “alot” of calls from people interested in selling their homes before it goes to public auction.
These calls come from several different states and I can’t explore all of them. If anybody is interested in talking to me about teaming up, respond quickly. I’m tired of passing these up.

Hi Jay,
Are you still looking for investors to team up with to do short sales? If so, let me know. BTW, where are you located? I am in the Chicago area.
REFLA :cool

Why don’t you charge the homeowner for helping them to stay in there home? You can charge at least one mortgage payment. If they contact Loss Mitigation firms from the net the pay at least 2,500.00 or more.

Just my 2cents

Hi Jaybird, I can help you I do loss mit, short sales, loan mods and more. Shoot me an email


whether you can collect fees may depend on what state you are in … in CA, you cannot collect a fee until you have successfully completed the service … you can however put the fee in escrow, but you can’t actually receive the payment yourself until you have successfully provide the service … see CA Civil Code 2945 (if you’re in CA).

Please call me at 510-421-3020.

I am looking to do short sales, how can I help?

What State are you in?