can i bring these payments current

i have a pre-forclosure that i want to stop the forclosure. If i bring the payments current after i get the deed will that automatically stop the forclosure or does the mortgage company still have the right to forclose on the property? Thanks for your help

:cool yes to bring everything current would stop the foreclouser// how ever how do you plan for it to not happen again ??? AS well where are the owners who got in to this mess i would hope out of the house ??

If it is a deal bring them current thru Title co at time of taking title. The bank will stop foreclosure because you just brought a nonperforming asset to a performing asset. That is all they want.

Before you bring the payments current, make sure the HO is out of the property. If you do not have them out, then they have no reason to leave once the payments are crurent. They will simlply wait until the home goes back into