Can Bank close my HELOCs?

I have about 100K in HELOCs that I am not really using much of right now.

Here is my question - can the bank close my HELOCS for any reason they find legitimate?

Bad market conditions are my main concern. What happens if I’m not using it - and they come up with some “reason” to close it. Is that legal? Do I have any rights or expectations?

I have seen this topic being discussed in other places. From what I understand they can shut down the credit line. I have also read that HELOC’s can be called in as well. Keep in mind I read that on the internet so I cannot verify whether it is correct. If you are worried you could contact your bank and ask them their policy on closing HELOCS.If prime keeps dropping pretty soon you will be able to take that 100K out at 6% (effectively 4% depending on your tax bracket) and invest it and make a killing.

They shouldn’t be able to do so without you defaulting on your loans and HELOCS with them.

Check the loan documents. It is possible they can do so if the value of the home has dropped since the HELOC was opened regardless of your payment history or current credit situation.

you can also contact your title company that closed the loan, assuming you used one. they should be able to review your documents for you on your helocs.
good luck