Can Anyone Tell Me Where On The Internet Can I List My Properties For Sale!

Are there any free site where I can list my properties for sale to investor/buyers?
When I find great deals I want to sell quickly. What are the names of these free websites thanks.

Quick Sale;

Go to the top of your page. Put your cursor on Resources.
Go to hard money lenders. Go down the list . Find some who would love to make money with you!
Problem solved!! (JOE)

Joe thanks for the support, I will do.


Did you sell? Was it free?



Wholeing on the net is good. The investors you incounter will be happy to work with you and make tons of money off your leeds. In most large cities there are Real Estate Investment Network Groups. If you can locate the ones that are near too you, there will be many who will give their time and expertice to help you to succeed! We all wish to get rich!! The problem is finding the best way without going broke in the process!

When you are a nubee,you must look to experence for guidance! There is an art to buying and selling whole sale!
There will be some who are unscrupulous,and take advantage of you! The people who are in these rein clubs will help to weed out those people! This a great business,and there are wonderful people here to help you.

Do right by them and they will see you through the tough times. Just (DONT GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB). You must have a way to survive untill you become successful. Lots of luck,(MAKE A MILLION)! (JOE)