Can anyone tell me what "Petemfa" is suggesting here with this "option,"

Look below for the bold lettering. That’s where I’m a bit confused. I assume that the option he speaks of buys him the ability to sell the house over a 60-day period. But, what type of option is this exactly?

Here’s the whole post for those who may be interested:,30108.0.html

This type of plan intrigues me as I know there’s a multitude of these older folks with lots of little issues with their home that would love to just get out and into a smaller condo/townehouse/apt.

But, since I’m a noob, I dont understand exactly what type of option Pete’s talking about here. Can anyone explain?


He’s posted a bunch on these recently, read through these posts and let us know if you have any more questions.,26434.0.html,14245.0.html,25760.0.html

Well that basically told me exactly what I was looking for. I was LOL’ing when reading the 3rd link when those guys kept on asking those questions of Pete. I thought it was going to go on forever.

Thanks for the heads-up Rich…
I appreciate it.