Can anyone suggest a lender

I would like to look into getting pre-approved as my lease is up in December.

I live in US. I would be trying to do the loan in my name only however my fiance of 10 years would be a 2nd income (has a recent judgment so not putting her on the loan).

I have about 7 years history in my line of work.

My credit score is about 660+. No BK. No charge off. Income is 63k before taxes. But I do have about 400 - 500 monthly debt. 1 car payment, student loan debt and some CC debt that make up that 400+.

I have not owned a house in 2+ years so I am told I may be considered a first time buyer again.

I would like to finance 100% and I am looking at houses right around 300k.

Where would I find someone who could assist me with this?


Unless you’re in Indiana or Illinois I can’t help you. Where are you at?

Also, 63k income looking for a $300k house…I know you have your GF’s income, but if she doesn’t go on the loan - her income doesn’t count. Your DTI may be a bit high.

Regardless, I’m sure with a 660 score you can find a way to buy the place.

Have you tried contacting a Mortgage Broker? They would be able to "shop"your loan around for you. This will eliminate the need to pull your credit numerous times.

Look in your local phone book and start calling. Ask about their experience, fees, products and timelines.