Can anyone recommend a Real Estate Agent in NYC who specializes in Short Sales?

I have a 2 family investment property in Queens, NY I’m looking to short sale, both tenants haven’t paid rent and I’m way behind on my mortgage payments. Can anyone recommend an agent who specializes in this? I mean someone who does 10-20 short sales a year, not someone who has never closed one.

On another note, I’m in talks with an agent who states in order to make sure I’m committed to going through with the short sale, he needs the deed to the property; this just doesn’t sound right to me. Thoughts? Feedback much appreciated!


Don't ever give someone the deed or power of attorney to your property!!! Never Ever!!!!!

I am going to send you a PM with a broker there in NY, talk to him and if he can’t help directly ask him to refer you to someone in his network who handles short sales!