Can anyone recommend a good book on sub2, lease, options?

I’m new in this area…
Any books on lease options, sub2s, owner financing?
Even better if if the book contains contracts and documents.


I am the proud owner of any number of real estate “how-to” books.
On the subject of Lease Purchasing, the best in my opinion is Carbonare’s The Naked Investor. It’s a no nonsense, real world approach to investing with options. It’s easy as all get up to understand. And, yeah, it includes all the various contracts and documents needed to get the deals done. for info.
Best wishes.

Does he give good details on how to do sandwich deals?


There are tons out there.
Some good, some bad.
I’ve had both.

What, specifically, were you wanting to do?

…yes, by the way, he shows how to do sandwich L/O deals.

Sandwich leases are the first strategy of about four or five types of lease options that he covers.