Can anyone help?

Hello everyone. I am new to wholesaling, and I would like to know if anyone in Mass. knows where I can find a lawyer and/or a real estate agent that knows about wholesaling, assignment of contract, and double closing? I’ve called a lot of people and they all told me this couldn’t be done :help. I would also like to thank all that is here sharing their knowledge. I learn so much by reading these forums.

Have you tried going to a local REI club? Ask other investors for ideas.

What part of MA? You are getting the no-go partly because the AG’s office is looking at RE abuse.

FWIW, MA agents are useless you want to buy or sell for retail price.

I am in the Boston area. The only investors club that i know about is in Peabody. Their meeting is next tuesday and I will attend to network with others. And as far as the AG, I know they enacted regulations in June pertaining to pre-foreclosures. I didn’t think that would affect me because I am staying away from pre-foreclosures.

That group’s lawyer referral is out of Marblehead. He’s a good guy and so is the group’s director, but it’s not a Boston group. All their speakers and info are North Shore and southern NH. There is a new group starting up in Waltham tomorrow that calls themselves Boston area. I’m skeptical becuase all the players are from NH or CT. Boston area is a wide net and is very different from Boston. Can you be more specific? Shoot me a private message if you don’t want to say publicly.

Actually, I’m out of Roxbury Ma. I was just checking out that new Boston club’s website and one of the board member’s is a real estate attorney, so I’m going to check it out tomorrow. Thanks for the info. :smile

There is a MR LL group starting up in Boston this November and it is actually for people in Boston.

Let me know if this guy doesn’t work out for you. I can refer you to a Boston attorney who deals with real estate transactions, land use, and zoning.

Thanks BLL. I’ll let you know.

You will more than likely have a difficult time finding many lawyers, realtor s or investor that understand wholesaling, assigning, and double closings. You would be far better off to learn about them yourself because it is far from rocket science. If you can rub your belly and pat your head, more than likely you can do any of the above.