Can anyone help?

Im just getting started and I am in need of different ways to find properties. Im mostly interested in smaller or single family homes. I would like to find those that are in forclosure. I have already been to the public trustee and aquired a list of about 22 pages long. Would it be easier to aquire homes that are already bank owned? If so where do I look? If I need to just go off the list, what is my next step?

To be honest none of these real estate old timers would tell you their secrects and methods. Because they don’t want new competition. There are tons of materials and plans all over internet. Free. Use them wisely. Understand the concepts. You’ll laught few months from now to your question. Because you already know lots of stuff. Couple of these people might show you how to catch a fish but they would not catch a fish for you. It is totally up to you to make it.


To be honest none of these real estate old timers would tell you their secrects and methods. Because they don't want new competition.


I’ll be happy to tell you the big “SECRET” of real estate investing, but PLEASE DON’T TELL ANYONE ELSE! The secret of the successful is that they work hard. Yes, the big secret is hard work. All the pie-in-the-sky promises of the infomercials and gurus are just nonsense. Study, study, study and then work very hard and you can succeed at just about anything.



This feild is a war zone. If you don’t kill you get murdered. My point was that people do not share their hard work with others. Some do. They want $395.00 for 80 pages of out-dated materials. After giving us 50% off for limited time.
It is up to individual to make it happen. Strangers are not intrested to make you successful.


I believe the word is actually spelled CYNical not SYNical

Perhaps you should change your User ID…? Or maybe just your attitude…?


Hello SYN

I believe you will not find someone here to do a deal for you, however I have seen most of the experienced people in here bend over backwards to give direction. There is no “magic bullet” that makes you rich in this biz. Anyone in here will give sound free advice, but it is up to you make the plan, then work the plan.

my .02


Most of the old timers are comfortable with giving advice and “secrets” because they know, that mostly the information they give is in theory or not property specific. It takes individual intellect to apply the principles to specific deals. this is the part that someone must learn how to do on their own. You can pay for bootcamps, seminars, and books but the application still lies in the individuals hands

Hey Keith,

What is wrong with my attitude? You don’t like to hear honest voice?



Great answer. I agree with you 100%.

Da Wiz


When I hear a fella with 2 posts make a statement like, “To be honest none of these real estate old timers would tell you their secrects and methods. Because they don’t want new competition.”, it turns my screws. There are a bunch of "real estate old timers on this website that share their “secrets and methods” all the time and very willingly. There are folks here that are a world of knowledge and spend a great deal of their time here giving of themselves for no real personal gain. To make a broadbrush statement like “none of these…” (fill in the blank) is not only wrong, it is a slap in the face to those that do. For instance, there is a new poster here that is from the same city that I’m from. I sought him out and chatted with him a while. I told him how I do my deals, gave him several local contacts (Realtor, attorney, title company, loan officer, etc.), and will keep up with his progress…what did I get out of it for me personnally? Nothing…Nada…Zilch…

When you say “all” or “nobody”, or “everybody”, there is a 99.999% percent chance that you’re wrong because there are ALWAYS exceptions – and, at this site, there are a lot of them! It’s not “honesty” it’s “cynacism” – like I said. Ask around – I’ll bet there are more people on this site that feel the way that I do than the way that you do…

My two cents – take it for what it’s worth.


Syn I have to disagree with you, and for the most part they don’t come any more cynical than me :wink:

I am learning so much from this and other boards like it. I know the only thing that is keeping me from reaching my full potential is me, not them, because it is all laid out for the taking all over the web. When folks don’t want to share their knowledge, they don’t write articles or give “how I did it” testimonials. Have you even read through this site?

We have tons of mini-mentors available to answer our questions or to direct us to resources that will aid us in finding our own answers. They never ask, and actually by the rules here they are not even allowed to ask, us to reciprocate by purchasing their latest course or signing up for 60 years of coaching from their receptionist (yes, you know who you are). And think–every minute they spend answering our endless queries, that is a minute they are NOT devoting 100% to their business and doing deals. They have nothing to gain whatsoever except for the Karma points you get when you pay forward.

Keith said you sound cynical, but in my opinion which is not humble in any way shape or form, you just sound downright ungrateful. That’s even after you did try to back-pedal in your second post by changing “none” to “some”.

Now, my suggestion to you is instead of trying to find fault with folks who are trying to help, edify yourself with all the information here, get out and start doing deals. Maybe then you’ll be able to give an intelligent and productive response when someone asks for help.

If you are teachable, willing to learn, humble and willing to pay your dues, your mentor(s) and teacher(s) will come. I’ve called these guys up out of the blue and they have met me (unknown stranger except for my posts) for lunch and have partnered up on 1/2 million dollar deals ( we have yet to meet face to face and even shake hands), Unwilling? Far from it. You don’t have to be lovable, but you have to be approachable.
You get far in life if at first you know your place and take the time and accept the help to get to the place you want to be.

This is definetly an interesting topic, and i hope i can help with my information. I’m a newbie myself but at least fairly knowledgable in finding foreclosures. I’ve worked for the last 5 years doing title abstracting for erie county in lieu of the city of buffalo and erie county foreclosure auctions. To be honest we would start to prepare the list about 4 months ahead of time if not more. The trick to finding them in the county records is actually pretty simple to be suprised: each county has a specific reference number for each document posted (ie: lis pendens,judgments, mortgages, deeds, etc…). If you’re down at county hall its fairly easy to find an abstractor or someone that works there who knows the system very well. ask these people what the code for a lis-pendens is or whatever document your looking for. Do a search on the computer identifying ONLY these documents and compare dates. the most recent will show lis pendens that have JUST been issued. they were filed first and then issued to the owner/tenants/etc. . find the mortgage referenced in the lispendens and write it down. once you have the lispendens number and the mortgage number trace the mortgage to the owner using the tax computer the county has available. VIOLA!! this will give you at least 100 properties (depending on the size of the county ALOT MORE) that are freshly going into foreclosure along with how to reach these people. you will even be able to specifiy the people you want to contact given the information from the tax computer such as sq.footage, single/double, tax amounts, areas, etc, etc… if you have any questions feel free to ask the people in the Hall for help. thats what they’re there for!! Sorry if its a bit long winded, but hope it helps! if you need any additional information try “”. its a web site i’ve been using at work for FREE PROPERTY INFORMATION. not all counties are available to get info from but it helps with most. feel free to email me if you have anything else i can help you with. by the way, get the dates for your auctions if you plan to buy at them. chances are that buy the time you get to the auction most of the good houses are gone. some counties (such as mine) subcontract abstractors to do the property reports on theses houses before the auction s. because they pay us in one lump sum payment ($40 x 150 searches=?) most abstractors buy the “GOOD” houses before they even hit the paper. Good hunting!! ;D