I’m looking for a hard money loan for an investment loan. I’m credit scores are in the mid 500’s and would like to borrow 65%-75% of the arv. I would like to borrow $1,795,000 for the purchase of the home and about $110,000 for repairs. The arv will be $3,010,000. I would like to be able to close on the house in less than three weeks hopefuly sooner. I have a 3-4 month rehab and 3 months for the property to sale. I have alot of comps for the area and a list of the hard and soft costs. IF you can help and you need this information. Thanks for you time and look forward to hearing back from you.

110k in repairs and a 1M profit? Nice…i bet its in an area where the bubble has burst already. I have been seeing this lately with the high end homes in the areas where the bubble has blown up. Be careful.