Can anybody make a list of the most inexpensive rehabbing materials?

I will treat some old kitchens , bathrooms with lowest cost.
I need to know if the linoleum floor is the cheapest one.

I also like to know if there are any other tricks to make a property appealing without costing too much. Friends, could you please share
your experience?? ::slight_smile:

Paint is the cheapest thing that you can do to make a house more appealing. Linoleum is cheap and durable, but you have to use it sparingly or it looks cheap. Cleaning the carpets will sometimes be an option to replacing them, but dying them might be an option (I’ve never done it but have heard of it being done). Stay away from replacing cabinets and fixtures if possible. Rework, paint and repair existing items if possible.


Sodium Hypochlorite…chlorine bleach. 87 cents.