Can Any Lender Do This??


How do I find a lender who can lend in most states-specifically the mid-west and mid-south, on a purchase loan do a stated 100% purchase N/O/O on 2-4 units w/ a 620 FICO???

These deals are all 100% tenant occupied w/ a nice positive cash flow even at 75% gross income ratio that lenders use to tab rental properties and I have seasoned funds of 6-12 months PITI in an account.

I need someone whose very experienced and knows how to get deals done!

Im in the business myself-I just cant do loans in most of the states I invest in, so Im looking for a broker/lender who is competent, gets results efficiently and swiftly and preferably invests themselves-just because I like to do business with people who understand where Im coming from and is creative.


Try looking into First National Bank Of Arizona, there website is They are an extremely nichy company and I know they love deals like that. They have a very easy pre-qual section also but I’m pretty sure you need a user name and password. Where do you specifically work out of?


Thanks for the suggestion, Ive found a few people on the site as well who’ve been very helpful and say they can get these deals done, Ive been let down many times before by other brokers so Im a little skeptical, but Im willing to give these people a shot and see if they can deliver on their promise.

I live in the L.A. area, but since the pickins are slim out here I look all over the country, primarily in the mid-west/mid-south it seems the cash flow properties are more abundant there.