Can a tenant 'warm' future tenants of your 'shaddy doings' in writing??

During email communication with a tenant that just moved out I received this today:

“We also intend to warn/inform your current and/or all future renters of this situation in writing, so that they can prepare themselves accordingly and make sure to take all the necessary precautions; taking pictures, documenting dates and conversations.”

Can they do this? Is this libel? What laws protect/prevent them from doing this?

Can they e-mail other people and say they don’t like you? Yes. I do the same thing with horrible tenants. In fact, I often write their name on one of those giant flip charts at our REIA meetings along with “DO NOT RENT TO THIS DIRTBAG”!

Don’t worry about it. Tenants threaten stuff all the time, but they have an attention span that lasts about 5 minutes (one of the many reasons they are tenants). They almost never follow through on their threats and even if they do - WHO CARES?

Good Luck,


Good point. The renter I just moved in on a 1 year lease loves me and knows me enough to know I’m not crooked. So, this will simmer over the next 12mos even if they do take the time to type up a letter and ‘warn’ the new tenant of whatever it is they thing I’m guilty of. Truth of the matter is it was them who became unscrupulous at the end so whatever I’m doing now, within the letter of the law, is as a result of what they did and they brought it all on themselves.