Can a short sale be done "after" a BK?

I had a lady call me and said she was behind over a year. Has filed Bankruptcy and her home was included. Her bankruptcy has already been discharged (if this matters).

She wants me to negotiate a short sale. Wells Fargo told her they would agree to a short sale? Is it still possible???

I think, you have to go through all the documentation first. Check all the papers, don’t leave a single thing then took any decision regarding that.

You “think”? (you shouldn’t be posting responses unless you know for sure what you’re saying)

Your response doesn’t make any sense. What do you mean by, “checking all the papers”. “Don’t leave a single thing?” What are you talking about? “Take any decision regarding that?”

Wow, were talking real estate here. It’s sort of pretty important big stuff.

Look Jess, I’m not trying to be d***, but be careful on giving on advice if you’re not exactly sure what your saying, or if you’re even sure what your saying is true. Don’t be giving ambiguous responses.

Good luck to you. :beer

First, depends what you mean by ‘after’. After the filing, you need to ask the courts permission, and they’ll take a cut to offset the BK. After it’s discharged, which she says it is, it makes no difference.

Second, was it discharged because she paid it, or because she didn’t?

Third, don’t take her word for it. Ask at the courthouse about the BK, or get her to show you the discharge paperwork, and ask Wells Fargo if they’ll agree.

Never trust a homeowner in distress.

It’s been a while.