Can a Licensed Agent sell own L/O Properties

  1. What are the liability issues with me as an Agent, who wants to sell my own properties as L/O?

  2. In the Dallas area metroplex, we have seen a tremendous growth in Plano, Richardson and especially McKinney, Allen, Frisco areas. It’s not surprising to say that it’s been 5-8%. When determining the sales price in L/O, could someone give a ballpark on how much increase to safely assume for both the tenant/ buyer and me?


I know there are agents here who do the same routine. I do believe they have additional disclosures to protect themselves, but I would think you can ask around to find someone knowledgeable who can assist you with this.

I’m not licensed so can’t help much there.

I know some folks say poor quality buyers don’t care about price, only payment. That has not been my experience. I’ve found I need to stay within 10% or less of the current value, depending on the market. Additionally, the property has to appraise if they actually get around to buying the thing.

Thanks Tim.