Can a Homeowner request that the lender sell mortgage note to investor?

I read somewhere that the homeowner can make a request to the lender to sell the mortgage note to a specified investor? Has anyone else heard of this/have any experience with this?


No, you have no legal control over your note, now someone can approach your lender and ask if they will sell your note, but most notes are no longer owned by your lender and have been sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or has been syndicated by wall street.

These are the largest owners of mortgage loans nationwide. You can always buy your loan by paying it off with cash or a new loan, but very rarely do lenders sell performing loans making interest income at a discount and you should always know you can pay dollar for dollar for your mortgage loan.

Now non performing notes are sold usually for a discount provided the loan service provider or lender has the legal ability to sell it, all loans can not necessarily be sold as it depends on the lender or lenders policies.