can a 16 yrs old boy sign a PSA and ASS. of Contract???

Hi I’m Red , 16 yrs old from Philippines

can a 16 yrs old boy sign a PSA and ASS. of Contract???(legally- off course) hheehee

In the United States you can’t sign a contract until you are 18.


Yes a 16 year old can contract in the US under certain circumstances and create a valid enforceable contract, but I doubt you qualify.

You can sign contacts, but your side would always be voidable so no one would waste their time doing business with you.

Why would you want to sign an ASS lol :biggrin :biggrin

I want to start wholesaling real estate NOW!!

of course WHOLESALING… :argue

It depends, what the law in the Philippines ?.

I recently read a chapter out of a legal book saying that while you have to be 18 to legally enter into a contract, the party who agreed to enter into the contract with a minor can still be binded to the terms of the contract. Not to kick dirt in anyones face. Just putting it out there.