Campgrounds and Resorts

Are there any good ways (websites, etc.) to find campgrounds and resorts for sale?

Iron Range,

The best place I have ever known of to find many RV Parks and Camgrounds for sale is they have over 300 for sale listed right now. Well worth the look.

They have other specialty sites too which include for MHPs, for billboards, for mobile homes, and for storage facilities. What I like most about them is that they are actually active investors and do not have a problem helping me out with information when I need it.

Richard Stephens

Thanks Richard Stephens.

This was my results when I googled - resorts and campgrounds for sale in Minnesota.

It seems like resorts and campgrounds are a specialty item not found on typical sites like, etc. Does anyone know if they are sold using the MLS or are they sold through sites like the above examples. Just looking for some info on finding campgrounds for sale. Thanks!

:cool HEY IRON i deal with these kinds of things in oregon all the time and yes i can get them through a realtor i know ///// HOW much money you looking to spend ?? as i can get them for you from a price of 600k all the way up right now to 5mill and can get you mangers and staff to run them

YOU know how to get hold of me :bobble

iam just a place of much information and help just ask the right questions

It’s a friend of mine in Minnesota that really wants to own a campground. I don’t know the risks involved, but I imagine it’s a little risky for a newbie.

I showed him the websites listed above. I’m sure nothing will come of it, but if he wants to pursue it in more detail I shot you a PM.

Thanks for the info.

I wonder how much $$$ could be made with a campground? Something I never really thought about buying…

:cool the ones i know of and the kinds i have stayed at are making from 60 k to over 100k a year and keep inmind most are only open for 6 months and some may be less a year !!!

ANY one wantting to get in on one in oregon as i said i have a in to get them through a realtor and get the staff to run the place so you could be a abesente owner

As real estate 001 said, there is decent money in them, however with absentee owners you will have to deal with a certain amount of embezzlement. It is about the same as Motels, unless you have a manager that has no need for money, you will need to expect it. Of course there are easy ways to minimize your loss. For instance you can set up cameras and count vacant lots every day, or hire an outside person to secret shop it on a regular basis. There are many other ways available. I would suggest reading the book “How to Buy, Sell, and Operate RV Parks and Campgrounds by Dave Reynolds” if you are really interested in RV Parks or Campgrounds.

Richard Stephens