Calls are coming in!!!

This is 7 days since I sent out the bulk mailer.

I got 2 calls:

  1. A guy was wondering why it was addressed to his wife when neither him nor his wife owned the house. Really makes you wonder about the accuracy of the absentee owner’s lists that you purchase online. Good thing I’m going straight from the property appraiser from now on.

  2. A lady seemed like a motivated seller. She gave me an address and I could barely make out the spelling. I thought I heard her correctly, but nothing came up when I Googled it. I will have to search through my absentee list to see what she was talking about. I can run comps, but forgot to ask the condition of the house.

I’m starting to get optimistic.

Didn’t the property appraiser give you addresses in Africa? Has anybody told you the lists from appraisers are good?
I told you many times to get your lists from listsource or listgiant, how long will Keep wasting your time and money?
Do you need a 20,000 volt stun gun to your testies to understand? :banghead

Yea they gave me one or two owners in Africa along with about 400,000 locally.

I’ll probably start with the local ones.

Did anyone tell me? I think Luke did, but it’s also just common sense.