Calling a Note Due

Has anybody know of or had the experience of a lender calling a note due a payable by “inquiring” of the lender if someone eles could assume it the loan??


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John $Cash$ Locke

Yes that is why I no longer touch subject to deals! I have had lenders call notes due. It is not a good thing!! REMEMBER THEY OWN THE HOUSE MORE THEN YOU!!!


Do not be confused with you asking a lender if the loan can be assumed and doing a Subject To deal.

Asking if a loan can be assumed has no bearing on a Subject To deal what so ever.

I have done over 500 + Subject To deals without ever having a loan called, so if done correctly your chances of this happening are very slim at most. If you set up your investing method correctly then you will have a built in exit strategy should a loan be called.

John $Cash$ Locke

Wow… that’s the 1st person I’ve EVER heard say he had a loan called due… this is out of talking and reading and communicating to enough people that combined have done tens of thousands of deals.

Reoconsultants, you make it sound as if it’s happened to you more than once? Did you do something to make you vulnerable, or possibly let a payment go late after a sub2 deal? I imagine that would do it.

I guess you have to go into the deal willing to finance it yourself it that happens. If the deal isn’t good enough to be willing to do that if needed, it might not be a good enough deal to get into in the 1st place?


I did sub 2 deals back when they werent to popular and a newer concept! I had a deal where after they signed at the X they wanted there house back 2 months later. Took it to the BBB, Realtor board, and attorney general. Then the homeowner after all the other parties found no wrong doing called the lender and informed them of the transaction. I just think and this is my own way of doing things that in desperate times your better off short selling the lenders and Buying the house cash!!! Then pulling out a loc (line of credit on the house) it just seems safer for me!!!