Hi, i work primarily with helping investors set up LLCs and get the companys on the right foot. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask away.

I’m an investor in San Diego looking for flips. As others have mentioned, it’s a really difficult market for investors looking to rehab, as investors interested in holding are willing to pay more. I’m interested in talking to any wholesalers or realtors who can send me deals before they reach the MLS.


You miss out on the San Diego deals they been sold to a real buyer. dtharp all the San Diego SFR never been listed on the MLS.

Listen up all you cash investors looking for non listed proprieties in the San Diego and Orange county area we just got 4 from Bank of American in San Diego and 20 in the Fullerton, Garden grove, Huntington beach area. All the homes need some repairs and are selling at 60% of the BPO. Brokers welcome but have your ducks in a row and make sure you get your NCND sign by the buyer.

Onewest bank just sent over 3 SFR in Anaheim and 5 SFR in Covina and theses will be going at 60% of BPO for the ones in Anaheim and 50% of the BPO in Covina. Must be a cash buyer.

I just joined the group, and I wonder if anyone can help with the projects I have listed below:


  1. Multi-Family Apartment Building – Total Project $115MM – 367 Units
    Construction Loan Secured $85MM – All Permits in Place
    Looking for $30MM (5 – 10) Year Equity Loan
  2. Residential & Commercial (109 Units + Commercial)
    Total Project $76MM All Permits in place
    Funding Needed: $62MM
  3. Mixed Use Commercial - 452,000 sq ft - Perfect Location
    Total Project Cost: $ 150MM
    Funding needed: $ 60MM
    All permits in place
  4. Five Star Hotel, 100 Condos, Performing Arts School, Performing Arts Center
    Total Project: $248MM
    Institutional Funding available: $188MM
    Equity Funding needed: $60MM
  5. Two Acre piece of land in Prime Orange County, California
    All entitlements for a 3 story 124 room Hotel on major Freeway
    Asking price $6MM …
    Can provide 75% Funding to the right purchaser

Al Krauza

My name is Billy, I’m based in San Diego, Ca. I own a number of other businesses and am looking to diversify into Real Estate - I have limited experience in this area.

I would be open to partnership opportunities with experienced/serious investors who can guide me through some initial investments.

I can put $20k a monthly towards investments.

Let me know! :slight_smile:

I lost my home to a foreclosure, that and a divorce have really made me start over kind of. I would love to find a Mentor to show me how to do Wholesale houses. In exchange I can locate properties, send emails, make phone calls. Basically do whatever it takes to get the jobs done. A little sweat equity. I did to Bird dogging for a short period of time. I’m somewhat familiar with the market. Zillow, Redfin etc. I also know Craigslist pretty well too.
Thank you so much for looking and taking me into consideration (hopefully).


Do the properties have to be in CA?

Newbie from Mission Viejo here. Looking for someone that I could help me get my wet. (ie a mentor of some sort.) :smiley:
Send me a PM :beer:

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris and I am starting to get into the real estate game. I am currently in the process of obtaining my broker’s license while working full time. I plan on representing buyers who are purchasing new real estate investments.

Currently I am looking to pair up with someone who might be interested in a unique business model. For now I need someone with more experience than I who could benefit from someone with a broker’s license. I plan to also complete escrow for real estate transactions to reduce expenses and increase the speed of the transactions.

I am a finance major with previous banking experience and I am currently a store manager.

If you might be interested in this mutually beneficial relationship drop me a line.


Rehabber here looking for deals to flip. Its a tough market and competing with these landlords is rough. We are cash buyers. I am curious as to what strategies are being used to get deals under market value these days, and obviously if any wholesalers have some deals in So Cal I would love to see them

Hi everybody,

My name is Destiny. New to wholesaling. I’m from the Bay Area. I’m also looking to gain knowledge about the wholesale investing business. I’m a little lost right now but trying to learn as much as I can. Anybody in the Bay Area??? I would love to learn and share information with someone or a group.


Hi I’m just now getting started in Real Estate Investing and I’m in search of a Mentor to gain valuable knowledge from and to shorten my learning curve. I am willing to pay for Mentorship or I’m willing to work and help you absolutely free in order to learn the ins and outs. I’ve always been extremely self-motivated and when I set my focus on a goal I don’t let anything stop me. Hopefully this message reaches the right person as I’m ready to assist you in any way I can. Thanks for reading.


Wholesaler operating in Bay Area. Have some hands on training but yet to close a deal. Still in search of investor friendly title co and constantly building buyers list. Eventually planning on expanding business to So Cal. Also, looking for a California experienced mentor since everyone seems to be from Florida…

Hi, I want to get into real estate investing. I currently have one rental property (townhouse). I am looking for someone to help guide me and show me the ropes. Thank you so much!

Hi everyone,

My name is Scott and I live in the North County San Diego area. I am beginning wholesaling properties seeking to get my first property under contract.

I have a question for the more seasoned. I came across a mobile. Seller is asking 85K says it is valued at 186K. He is moving out of state and still owes 71K on it. Is there any reason I should not get this under contract to flip it to a cash buyer?

Thanks in advance for your response!


I am newbie to this business, I am looking for a hard money lender that would like to invest in SD Ca,
I am extremely anxious to get get my hands on my first property. I have $10,000 of my oen money to also invest. please contact me if you an help me or direct me to the right people. Thanks

Scott what do the comps tell you about real value? What are the solds saying?
Never go by what a seller tells you the value is.

nice to know this forum. Looking forward to good property deals. We are property investors club looking for good deals.