California Wholesale

Can you wholesale in this market or are prices too high San Bern and Riverside counties

1.) Junkers and fixers start at year 1925 $68,000-100,000, comps are at 150,000 to 200,000+ I am having i hard tome finding a buyer who doesnt want the address 1st?

2.) almost turnkey with light reahabs start at year 1985 nice stucko tuscan styles, $150,000-181,000- comps at 250-300,000 my realator says I shouse leave out my $10,000 fee and we negotiate it on the back end , I am still al little scared to put one of these under contract until I have a buyer 1st but i feel if i give them the address I my loose , He said we should meet them at the hous get the deposit and have them sign the contract any help on how I should proceed? These are reos so we will do a double-escow/simo or back to back

Bottom line is that if you put the property under contract yourself, leaving a way out (i.e. inspection contingency) you can give the address out without much concern. If you lock it up yourself, you have a month or so to find a buyer without fear of loosing it.