California vs Alabama Real Estate Terms, Help!

I have a seller that owns a house in Alabama but lives in the Washington State.
Her husband died in California years ago and recorded his Will in the state of California. To get a clear title we need these 3 documents to record the Will here in Alabama.

  1. CERTIFIED WILL – This is the easy one.
  2. Letters of Testamentary
  3. Petition to Probate

I spoke to the seller and she doesn’t think these are the same terms that are used in CA.

She says there is no “probate court” in CA, what should she be asking for in CA to allow this Will to be recorded in Bama?


in calif, probate is handle in civil court. i.e. you need to know what county his will was record. Probbate would have been handled by the Superior Court of XYZ County.