California Question

I know states are different in their laws…this question is for California. Do you need a license to get paid for birddogging?
In researching I read " that if an assignor gets a property under contract with NO intention of ever closing, this could also be a violation of licensing law, since the assignor’s INTENTION was really simply to get paid a fee. He/she basically used a contract as a clever way to circumvent licensing law."
Anyone from California that can answer this?

you don’t need a license.

Girldog, if you are just birddogging you would just passing on the lead for a referral fee/finders fee so you would not need a RE license.

If you are acting as a buyer and decide to assign the deal over to another buyer besides yourself, you would not need a license to do this.

You are not working for the buyer or the seller for a commission.
If you do alot of deals like this you may be considered a dealer.

That is beyound the scope to this post.

Hope that helps…

Thanx Everybodeeeee!!!
Right now I am starting out birddogging because I was researching alot and I was getting that…analysis paralysis :shocked LOL…and decided to start out at the beginning so I know what the hell I am doing, when it comes time to move up the food chain. :biggrin

You do NOT need a license in CA to do birddogging. IF you failto close, just make sure your contract protects you. You have 17 days to back out for no reason whatsoever, 3 days (if you wrote it up properly) to do due diligence before putting down earnest money. I let a contract fall because the BANK played hardball and I didn’t know them or the realtor. When the counter came back, we refused to ratify it until the bank came back and spelled out terms we agreed to verbally. THey let it go.

I live in Oakland.