California newbies

Hy folks how you doing today? I am new to investing, Just wondering what kind of strategies and ways of finding deals are most productive in your opinion? Thank you have agreat day.

Too big of a question. You should buy one of the courses and study it. I recommend the Vena Jones Cox system, it is not cheap but good.


If you are in California, you are not going to be able to buy and hold for cash flow when you first start out.

You are going to have to buy equity, trade and sell, and build up your equity before you can buy and hold.

I seriously suggest that you buy very close to where you live, so you will have to find out what the investors in your own neighborhood are doing, and copy the ones who are making money.

I am in california also (southern), could you elaborate more on the above strategy. :anon

Thank you for your imput folks. One of the things I do to find deals is driving around like crazy looking at vacants. However, I am having a hard time finding the owners of these vacants so I can communicate with them. Do you know of a good system to use in finding these owners? Thanks again have a great evening

One of the best things you can do is join a local investors club and start networking with other investors. Also, if you aren’t already, start reading books in the areas you are interested in investing. There are lots of strategies - it just takes time, along with trial and error, to find what works for you.

Cool, Investors club great idea… California home prices are crazy… So my question is why would you have to buy close
to home…? Is is safe to use property manage ment for homes far away?

You don’t as long as you have the infrastructure in place to evaluate the property for you … You definitely need someone on the ground running your 12 packs…

Good Luck

Michael - California Investor