California in Crisis

This is exactly what Republicans have been trying to do since Ronald Reagan. Reagan said “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem”. This is the core strategy of the conservative movement. It is called starve the beast

Now California will be functioning without a government. If you don’t fund the government it stops. If we allow the conservatives in Washington to have their way The USA will look like California. We want illegal aliens to be stopped, but we don’t want to fund the border patrols. We want fire protection but we don’t want a fire department. Can you image no DMV? Yeah, no more long lines, but no driver’s licenses either.

This is what you want. It is like 2 guys on a boat fighting and the one guy pulls the plug and sinks the boat so he can win…you have no enemy anymore but you also have no boat. You conservatives need to be happy.

About the only thing that would make sense to cure the socialist problems in California is an EARTHQUAKE! A 12 on the richter scale ought to do it.


Just don’t wish any of that down on South Central Texas.