California Contract

I have a question for all you wholesalers in California. Do you use the Calirfornia Residential Purchase Agreement (8 pages long) for wholesaling your deals? I’m planning on using Vena Jones-Cox’s contract which is only 1 page long or maybe Ron LeGrand’s contract which is 2 pages long. What do you guys recommend?

I can not speak for Vena or LeGrand’s contracts…have they been reviewed by an attorney? The CAR forms are reviewed and constantly updated by CAR real estate attorneys…it’s the safest one I know of and by default the first line includes the words “and/or assigns”.

Every state has different real estate laws. There is no one size fits all contract.

Whatever contract you use, make sure it has been examined and approved by a lawyer who works in real estate in the state where you will use the contract

Real esate involves large chunks of money and both sellers and buyers are amazingly lacking in any shred of humor if something you do has cost them money. CYA.

Where can I get the C.A.R. contract that includes “and or assigns” in the wording? The one that I have does not say that.

Also, could someone be an angel and e-mail me a sample of how I should fill out the C.A.R. contract for a wholesale deal? It would be of invaluable help to me.

Thanks a million!


I believe that the contracts won’t have “And or assigns” in the wording, you write that in after your name on the purchase agreement…“Laquinta9 and or assigns”