Cable TV for renters

I purchased a house last year with tenants. They moved out in December and new people are moving in this February. While rehabbing the place I noticed a cable comes out of the ground and attaches to a splitter (all outside the house - there is no NIC type box for an authourized cable hookup). I proceeded to hook up a tv in the house and discovered all the basic cable channels work. So, should I leave the connections as is and let the new tenants discover for themselves about free cable? Or should I disconnect the cable outside the house? I know it may seem petty but I also don’t need any accusations that I’m responsible for stealing cable.


I don’t think it’s a big problem. Just mention it to the tenant, and let them do the rest.

I got internet service PLUS cable TV at my business, I cancelled the cable TV, keeping the high speed internet. The TV is now hooked up directly to a cabe rather than thru a box, I get the basic TV for free, with the picture even better than before.

I get calls from the cable company to reconnect the service at a lower rate, and I tell them I’m not interested.

I would call the cable company and have them take a look at it. As the property owner, you could be responsible for the theft of the cable, even if the previous tenants did it. I do not need unnecessary problems like that.