Cabinets and flooring

I am looking at a house to purchase that has cabinets and flooring already purchased and the seller is looking to give a credit of $5k to install them. How much will that run to install them? How hard is it to install cabinets? I’m thinking of maybe doing it myself to pocket the money. Haven’t seen the flooring yet so I don’t know what it is.

What type of flooring?

I have installed tile and wood…it isn’t that hard, it just takes time and patience.

Are the cabinet’s custom or just generic ones you are stuck making fit the kitchen. That makes a big difference. Also, do they already come with counter top or are you on the hook to put that in yourself?

If they are already custom made for the kitchen, that would be simple enough doing yourself. If they are generic, then have fun.

If they don’t come with counter tops, and you want to go with granite or something, that can get pricey.

On our kitchen remodel, the things that got pricey were the new sink, new faucet, new lighting, new stove, fridge, dishwasher, icemaker, oven hood. Price that stuff out…If you aren’t going to do anything new except floor and cabinets, 5k isn’t bad.

Its funny because I am not afraid to do work and will jump right in and redo a kitchen (remodeled my mom’s kitchen) and I don’t think its that hard, but my step-dad…he touches a tool and things just get worse…It depends on which category you fall into!

Good luck Rich and let me know what you decide to do.

I don’t really have all of those answers yet, haven’t been out to see the house yet though I would like to go check it out soon. Just trying to get a handle on some of this stuff before I go check it out. I like going in as prepared as I can be. Counters most definitely will not be granite, wrong house and wrong situation for something like that. House is a duplex, I will be living upstairs. Bottom floor is where the new cabinets will be installed, this will be a higher end rental for the area though this isn’t a really high end area (if that makes sense). Counters if they aren’t already purchased will be something decent though not extravagant.

Somethings I do good on and some things I don’t, I’m just not that experienced enough at doing my own stuff. My father is a carpenter and I could probably get a lot of help from him but he’s no so reliable (see also a drunk) so that’s out. I really need to learn how to do as much of this as possible so I can save some money in the future.


Ask if they have a cabinet layout plan for the kitchen. If they purchased the cabs at any retailer they should have been given the layout. If they have it just check the dimensions against the actual floor plan. If they did it all themselves you COULD be in for some surprises. Maybe, maybe not. Is the $5000 including flooring install? If so how many Sq. Ft? Flooring is monkey work. I don’t mean to knock anyone who does it. I did it for years. But it kicks your *ss. Try doing a few hundred squats tonight and you’ll get a little taste. Depending on how many cabs and how much flooring $5000 could be a bargain.

Ok, when I have more info I’ll post back here with what I have. Seems like a cool old house and I wouldn’t mind living there if the numbers work.