CA: Transferring property to LLC


How do you transfer a property in CA to a LLC. I just formed a LLC and am attempting to transfer a couple of properties.

Any input is appreciated.

Howdy Dutch:

Get a copy of the deed from when you bought the property. Get a blank deed and copy the info onto that deed. The Grantee will be the LLC and the grantor will be you and the wife if married or your other partner or whatever if anyone else is involved. If you are married and she is not on the deed get her to sign the deed any way. Be sure to sign in front of a notary and then go down to your county recorders office and have the deed recorded.

I hope that helps LOL

quick question where would you get a blank deed the recorders office?

Howdy AJ

Try Wallmart or Office Depot or do like I did, I got a copy of a used one and typed in on my computer.


Hi Ted will that be a valid document? Sounds easy enough

Howdy AJ:

There are several things that make a deed valid. It has to be in writing. It can be drawn on a brown bag or tissue paper in elks blood or what ever.

The signature has to be acknowledged. This is where the notary comes in.

There has to be consideration, not under threat or durress.

The grantor has to be of legal age and sound mind etc.

There may be some more, I forget my RE 101 course from 30 years back but nowhere does it say a $250 per hour attorney has to prepare it.

It does not have to be recorded to be valid but it is recommended

Hope this helps

Thanks ted always learn something new

Thanks alot for your help!