CA Proposition 193

California Proposition 193 allows real property transfers, from parent to grandchild, to be excluded from reassessment.

When I inherit some property from my grandparent’s, I’d like to take advantage of Prop 193 for low property taxes. But I’m worried that if I sell the property, my capital gains tax will be based on the lower assessed value of the property. Or is capital gains tax based on the value of the property at the date of grandparent’s death?

I’d appreciate it if anyone knows what tax basis is used for a prop 193 property.



Your basis is independent of the tax assessment. Your basis is the fair market value of the home at their death plus whatever improvements you make. Capital gains are due on the difference between the net sales price and your basis.

If they happen to give you the property instead of letting you inherit it, then you get their basis in the property.